Chris Iacono, born in Brooklyn, New York in 1982. During his early years, he honed his stage craft in numerous acting and improv troupes before making his stand-up comedy debut in 1999 at the world-famous Comedy Works of Denver. He began radio broadcasting in 2006 on 87.9 FM in NYC with Comical Radio. He was featured on HBO's True Blood, in the Boston International Comedy Festival, The New York Daily News, and you may have caught him on Jlo's "The Glow after Dark Show, or the hit web series, Rise of the Radio show. He has performed stand up and storytelling worldwide and was featured on the Risk! podcast and has was a recent winner of The Moth Storyslam.


Ali (Featured)

The Onion News Network

Will Graham, Dir. IFC

Sept a' Huit (France)

Himself (Co-Star)


On  a Friday Night

Multiple (Series Regular)

DCTV Denver Cable

The New Yorkers

Himself (Co Star)

NY 35


HBO's True Blood (Gawker/Bloodcopy)


Campfire Media/Desdo

Web New Media

Jennifer Lopez’s “Glow After Dark Show” (Ep. 7)

Nuyorican Productions

Himself (Guest Star)


Himself (Guest Contributer)

Turner Ent, Time Warner

Rise of the Radio Show (Season 1, Ep 1-9)

Chris (Series Regular)

Liam O’neal, Dir. Contraband

Bro Bible’s “The Italian Deli” (Ep 1, 2)

Mikey (Recurring)

Win Bates, Dir.

Late Net

Ralph (Co-Star)

AOL Comedy

Voice Over & Radio Broadcasting

The Moth


KCFR 90.1 FM



Kevin Allison Dir.

Comedy Calls

Voice Talent

Untied Stations Radio Networks/Syndicated

Comical Radio

On Air Co-Host

WBMB 87.9 FM

Atomic Rumpus

On Air Host

Pomp Digital Studios

Times Square Arts Center




Wax: A Denver Crime Story

Detective Vincent Park (Lead)

Italo Ganni, Dir.

Hot Guys

Joe (Supporting)

Danny Lobell, Dir

Guardian Angel

Dr. Goldberg (Supporting)

Danny LeGare, Dir

Comete De Bourederbala (Documentary France)

Himself (Supporting)

Sami Ameziane, Dir.

51 Bullets

Paul Concetti (Lead)

Chad McCool, Dir

Stand Up Comedy (Partial List)

Denver High Plains Comedy Festival

Featured Comedian

Illegial Petes & truTV

New York Underground Comedy Festival


Sarris/Mendrinos Prod.

Boston International Comedy & Movie Festival


Vin DiBona Prod.


American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC

2000-2002 Conservatory Program